Personal Training

Whether your youth is a beginner or a star of their team, there is always a desire to become a better athlete. There are several benefits to our youth training programs which are explained below. Having a trainer work with your athlete will give them an amazing edge over their competition! Your athlete will not only have fun with their training but will also see improvements very quickly so expect to see noticeable changes in their sport in a short period of time. These changes are also noticed by your athlete so they build more and more passion toward their sport and their training.

AGES: 7 to 13 years old
LOCATION: You will choose the best time of day and location during registration
Individual Rates
# of SessionsCost
4 Sessions
6 Sessions
8 Sessions
*4 Session Minimum

Group Rates*
# of ParticipantsCost/Session
2-4 Participants
5-9 Participants
10-12 Participants
*4 Session Minimum 

Contact Information
Jerrit Crosby